Anna’s Chicken Paprika in the Crock Pot

On these hot summer days, I’m a huge fan of crock pot recipes because I don’t have to heat my whole house in order to fix a delicious dinner. I love simple, yet delicious, recipes that I can throw in my slow cooker and forget about until dinnertime.

Chicken paprika is a favorite meal in our house. It’s mildly spicy with a creamy sauce and tastes delightful even as leftovers (assuming any makes it that far!)

Ingredients you will need:
Package of dark meat chicken pieces, anywhere from 1-3 lbs, depending on how many mouths you want to feed or how much chicken you want (we only use ~1 1/2 lbs.)
32 oz. Chicken broth or stock (go organic, low sodium if you can!)
4 large Roma tomatoes (once again, organic is the best option!)
1 large yellow onion (organic!)
1 3/4 TBSP Paprika
1/4 TBSP Cayenne
(You can switch this out for hot/Hungarian paprika, if you can find it. Just use 2 TBSP of the hot paprika.)
1 TSP salt
16 oz. sour cream (say it with me, “ORGANIC!” If you can’t get organic, at least get hormone-free.)
2 TBSP cornstarch
Package of egg noodles

Let’s make it, now!

First off, dice your onion and tomatoes. Take the skin off the chicken pieces, and toss them into your slow cooker. Add in your onion and tomatoes, and follow up with the spices and salt. Pour your broth over all of this, stir to incorporate the spices as much as possible, and then place the lid on your cooker.

Cook on low for at least 6 hours, but ideally 8 if you can. You may stir every now and then, but be warned that stirring often later in the cooking time will result in the chicken separating from the bones, and you may end up with gristle floating freely in your sauce.

When you are almost ready to serve this, start a pot of salted water on the stove for your egg noodles. Boil them and drain as you’re completing the final steps for the chicken.

GENTLY remove the chicken pieces from the slow cooker with tongs. Place them on a plate and put them somewhere they’ll stay warm while you finish the sauce. Turn your slow cooker up to high. Mix the cornstarch into the sour cream with a small whisk or fork. Make sure it’s well combined. Once the cornstarch and sour cream are mixed together, add this to your sauce in the slow cooker and whisk until all of the sour cream is well-incorporated into your sauce. It should thicken slightly. Add the chicken pieces back into the sauce, stir it gently to coat them, and let this all sit to thicken while you finish the noodles.

Once you’ve cooked and drained your noodles, arrange them as a bed on your plate and ladle the chicken and sauce over them.

Serve with your favorite vegetable. I like peas myself, but almost anything works with this dish!

(Note: I don’t currently have pictures of this dish, but I’ll update this post once I do!)


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