Learning French as an American Isn’t Easy!

I shall begin by stating that the French ‘R’ is the most daunting letter one will ever learn to pronounce in any language. I’ve watched countless videos on YouTube regarding this, and let me say that, by far, Alexa’s video (below) has been the most helpful. 

I’m a fortunate chick! My husband is a native Francophone. This can be a double-edged sword at times. The other day, I’d worked so hard on the phrase, “Comment était le travail aujourd’hui?” (“How was work today?”) When I picked him up from work that afternoon, I spit it out the best I could muster, and instead of replying with something like, “Bien, merci!” my dear sweet perfectionist husband corrected my pronunciation of “travail”. I wanted to burst into tears! Generally, though, I have quite the advantage over most people learning a second language. I don’t need to attend any sort of class (thank you, YouTube!) because I have my own personal teacher and coach.

My goal is to eventually be able to converse in French fluently. I have always wanted to speak French, and being married to someone with French as their native language makes it even more tantalizing. Also, being able to converse with the few friends I have who speak French only is another dream. I’d like to one day be able to sit down and type out messages to them without having to consult Google Translate. I’d also like to understand what they’re saying to me without having to run it through that page first.

My current go-to resource for properly learning French is a YouTube channel called “Imagier”. The creator of this channel is a man named Vincent, and he also has a website, imager.net . This has been invaluable to me. 


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