Can it be True?

Raindrops are falling here in the San Gabriel Valley! I almost can’t believe it, because it’s been so long since the last time we got any rainfall here. It isn’t looking like we’ll get much rain, but I’m going to sit here appreciating every drop that falls from the sky today. Southern California has been extremely dry, and even if the rain is inconsequential, to me it’s better than nothing at all.

I’ve been hoping and wishing for rain for months now. Coming from a subtropical climate, I’m used to regular storms and precipitation. I used to hate and dread thunderstorms, but lately I’ve been craving a good thunderstorm complete with an awesome lightning show. There’s nothing quite the same as falling asleep to the rumbles of thunder and the splatter of rain falling outside your window. When you experience something on a regular basis, you take it for granted and don’t appreciate it the same as when you don’t get to experience it for an extended period of time.

Don’t get me wrong, though! I love, love, LOVE the weather here in SoCal! I love the constant sunshine, and while it get’s hot here, it’s never sweltering and stifling heat like I’m used to. Even when it gets humid here, the humidity is nothing compared to humidity I grew up dealing with. And even when it’s cold in the middle of the winter, the temperature very rarely drops below 50°. So, yes, the weather in Southern California is absolutely beautiful almost year-round. But, there’s just one problem, and that problem is this drought we’re experiencing.

I keep hoping this state will get a steady drenching of solid rainfall that provides us some relief from the extremely dry conditions we’re dealing with. I was here this past winter when the Colby Fire broke out, and it terrified me, despite the fact it wasn’t really that close to me. I’d been too up-close and personal with the Texas fires during the summer of 2011. I almost got caught in an outbreak of one that jumped the rural road I was driving down on Labor Day, and it shook me up. The one thing California has going for it is that we’ve got a beefed-up Forest Service and lots of firefighters to handle the blazes that pop up and happen. The reason the fires in Texas were so devastating is because a lot of the fire departments there are staffed entirely by volunteers.

Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up and go appreciate this rainfall while it lasts! Keep your fingers crossed that somehow we’ll magically get a decent downpour!


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