Racism in Our UNITED States

America is a beautiful and diverse country, full of people from varied backgrounds and cultures. This is something we are told from childhood to be proud of. Ours is a country that is called a “melting pot.” People come here, bring their culture with them, and add to what we already have to make us more beautiful and more diverse.

At least that’s what we’re told.

The problem is we’re diverse, but we’re not beautiful. We’re ugly. We’re hateful. We’re disgusting. We’re bitter about the past. We’re very bigoted. We’re offensive to anyone with sense and the slightest bit of class. We’re vicious to our own and we’re vicious to those who want to become a part of “us.”

I’m white, but I’m not proud to be white. I look at the news and I watch other white people around me and I’m revolted at how they treat people who aren’t the same as them. It makes me ashamed to be included as part of the “culture,” because that’s not me. I’m not like them. Most of them are bitter and antagonistic. I just want everyone to get along.

I keep reading about white people claiming that there is a “war on whites.” I’d like to see this war. I see a war on women; I see a war on minorities. What I don’t see is a war on whites. My mother (bless her little pea-pickin’ heart!) declared to me one day that it was a black person who first created abortions to use on white people so they could decrease our birth rate and thereby out-produce us and take over the population. Say what?! I didn’t even have a response to that ridiculous claim when I heard her say that.

Let me take a rabbit trail for a second and mention my mother (bless her little pea-pickin’ heart!) was also the one who told me that homosexuality is only practiced by humans, that a black man screwed monkeys and that’s how HIV entered the human population, and that god will kill all homosexuals for their sins. According to her, this must be the unpardonable sin, I guess. No hope of salvation. See the hate?

Anyway, back to our major racism issue here in America.

I’ve also seen racism between different, non-caucasian races. Why? You guys get enough shit from the “majority,” so why must you fight amongst yourselves, as well? You need to join together, become one voice, and show these repugnant souls that you matter because you, collectively, outnumber their hate. So long as you continue to be divided as African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc., you will never get anything constructive done. As soon as all of you join your voices as one, you will find a power un-matched by any white voice. Nothing will be able to stop you!

Now, I’d like to speak to my fellow white folks.

Ya’ll are assholes. You keep screaming about everyone else acting like Hitler or trying to wipe you out, but I see through this little farce. While you’re busy yammering on about it, you’re doing this exact thing to others. Stop it, already. I’m kind of tired of watching this happen around me. You give people like me a bad name. Didn’t your momma ever tell you that if you’ve got nothing nice to say, to say nothing at all? Quit going to Twitter or comments on news sites and letting your fingers puke that hate all over your keyboard. You’re such a little man when you do that.

I’m done, for now. Peace.


3 thoughts on “Racism in Our UNITED States

  1. Wow you use some heavy examples about your family. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you like to read? I have a couple of books that would help you see the toot of all the division you speak of on this post.

    I admire your boldness in talking about the truth which most Americans prefer to sweep under the carpet because they can afford to. They are privileged.


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