What’s In My Playlist?

I’ve become obsessed with French songs, lately. I’ve filled my iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. with French pop songs. I’ll take you on a YouTube tour of what I’ve been listening to lately.

Indila is my favorite female singer right now. Her voice sounds angelic.

Maître Gims is another really great artist. I’ve got a funny story about this video. I was watching it and asked my husband, jokingly, if he recognized the mountains in it. He started by pointing out the Jungfrau and then the Munch. I was stunned, because I honestly expected a reply somewhere along the lines of, “Those are the Alps.”

I really, really love Keen’V, at the moment. This particular song is actually very sad, and the lyrics will make you tear up and cry!

Last, but by no means least, is Stromae. Everyone, including my son, loves Stromae! He’s a musical genius! My son’s favorite song is Formidable. Stromae uses this song to point out that there is good and bad in everyone. Plus, this video is kind of awesome!


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