Dear City of Los Angeles

What were your civil engineers smoking when they planned the freeways in downtown LA? This is a serious question, because it’s a giant clusterfuck there, no matter what time of day you drive through, and no matter which freeway you choose to drive on. I always thought the I-30/I-35 transition in Dallas was a mess until I moved here. That’s a cakewalk compared to trying to navigate the Downtown Los Angeles freeways!

Take, for instance, that cutesy little place where the 10 merges with the 101, just south of Downtown. What the whaaaaaat?! Why? Why compress two freeways down to 2 lanes each and then merge them together and drop the speed limit? It’s almost as if your civil engineers could see into the future, knew we were going to be the largest automobile market in the nation, and decided that just for shits and grins they’d give us the most confusing and messy freeway system possible.

This isn’t even mentioning how a certain 2 freeway just ends abruptly in a busy part of the city and forces you to navigate miles of city streets and stoplights to find a new freeway. Why did you even decide to do that? It’s almost as if your engineers originally intended to build the 2 to connect the 134 to the 101, but got bored of constructing it and just said, “Ah! Fuck it! End it right here!” I don’t think it’s so bad having the freeway end where it does, as it is to try to get back to said freeway after being in Los Angeles all day. My nifty little GPS map made it appear that the street the 2 ends on just becomes the 2 when you drive North, but oh, no, no no! It couldn’t possibly be that easy!

I just have one thing to say. As a person who has lived in and driven in other parts of the country, Los Angeles leaves something to be desired when it comes to city planning. With all the money this city has gotten from the big Hollywood business throughout the years, you’d think they could afford to put a little toward straightening out the mess that is their freeway system.


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