Dear Autumn – Where Are You?

Most of my readers know I’ve been trying to bait and coax the weather gods into delivering us a beautiful Fall here in Southern California. We had a rather nice summer, up until these last couple weeks, which were completely horrid. Right now, the temperatures are “average” according to the local weathermen, and I’m not looking forward to the temperatures rising back into the 90’s again tomorrow. This is heartbreaking!

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.46.26 AM

I’m a huge fan of all things Autumn. I love crisp Fall air, red and orange leaves, every drink possible being flavored with pumpkin, and I’m very much looking forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving. I haven’t yet picked out my son’s Halloween costume, but I’ve already figured out exactly what I’m fixing for Thanksgiving, which in turn dictates, to an extent, what I’ll fix for Christmas.

I’ve already started into what I call the “pumpkin craze.” These past two weekends, I’ve made pumpkin spice lattes for Saturday breakfasts. These are so delicious and easy to make, I sometimes wonder why I didn’t try this sooner! I’ll probably post the recipe soon.

Something else I like to make as soon as eggnog is available is “eggnog lattes.” I love these! They’re basically a plain latte, only instead of using steamed milk for them, you steam eggnog instead. It’s so amazing, and once you’ve had one, you’ll wish eggnog was available year-round. The one important thing to remember when shopping for the eggnog for these lattes is that you MUST buy the extra-rich type, such as Borden’s Extra-Rich or Southern Comfort in the black carton. Regular or canned eggnog is too runny.

Now, I’m wishing eggnog was in stock at my grocery store!…

Dear weather gods – can you please quit fucking with us, here? All of us are tired of the heat. It’s time for temperatures to be dropping, not rising, so could you kindly get on with that? We’d appreciate it very much if you did!

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt.


4 thoughts on “Dear Autumn – Where Are You?

  1. I’m just north of you in Sacramento. The closest thing to Autumn is the orange sky from all the wildfires and the nearly dormant trees shedding their leaves already from the drought 😦 It’s in the upper 80s here. Love your blog title and about page. Here’s hoping for a speedy and cool Fall!


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