My Weirdest Quirk About Housework

There is a very specific way to make a bed. I learned how to make beds from my mother, who was a Ramada Inn housekeeper during her early adult years. I don’t just want the bed made any old way. I want it made right! If you can’t make it right, just step aside, and let me do it correctly.

I’m pretty anal about this. I think it drives my husband kind of crazy. In fact, I don’t think it does, I KNOW it does. Whenever we make our bed, it ends up in a little tug-of-war, because I’m undo-ing and redo-ing what he’s done, because it was done wrong. After eight years of making beds together, you’d think he’d have it figured out!

When you place the top sheet on the bed, you need to pull it all the way to the top of the mattress and smooth it out. Then, you go to the foot of the bed, pick up the mattress, and neatly slide the excess sheet under it all the way along the bottom. Once done, you go to each of the corners, pull up the hangover and lay it across the top of the mattress, place the side of your hand against the edge of the top of the mattress to make a new corner in the sheet, and tuck whatever excess is hanging down in under the mattress, so that when you let go, it hangs pretty and neat, straight down and in line with the corner of your bed. You don’t just shove all of the corner under your mattress willy-nilly like you don’t give a shit what it looks like. If you do, your sheet ends up wrinkled and looks like a hot mess.

When you place your blanket on top of your sheet, you fold the sewn-over portion of your flat sheet over the top of the blanket so that when you lay in bed, the blanket doesn’t touch your skin. I’m very particular about this. I want my sheet folded over my blanket, not just laying under it. If you don’t fold it over, I WILL pull the comforter back off the bed to fold it properly and then make you help me put the comforter back.

Bed-making would be so simple if we could just get it done right the first time. It’s kind of comical to me the way my husband always makes the bed like he doesn’t care what the sheets look like, and I always ask him, “Would your mother approve of the job you’re doing?” I ask this because he’s always telling me that if his mom were still alive, she’d make me re-wrap gifts properly when I’m doing them, so I think it’s only fair game to do this to him, too!

This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt. I hope you enjoyed it.

What is your weirdest quirk about housework? Leave me a comment and tell me what you can’t stand to have done improperly.


8 thoughts on “My Weirdest Quirk About Housework

    1. Well, I hate it, too, but the OCD comes out in me a little when he’s helping and does something bass-ackward. Thankfully, there are quite a few things he’s better at than I am that I’m quite willing to hand over to him. Like dishes, for instance. I can wash them 10 times, and they won’t be as clean as if he does them. But making the bed? OMG! It’s like he’ll never figure it out! 🙂


  1. Omg so this is probably what goes on in my moms head; she says it’s a shame I’m 21 and can’t still make my bed ‘the right way’ lol. And don’t get me started on hanging the clothes out for drying – personally, I don’t think I mess that up too, but mom has a different opinion. Alas!


  2. I can’t help it… But I rewash dishes that other people wash. I also load the dishwasher when people are over for dinner so they won’t wash them and then unload it when visitors leave and wash them by hand..
    I may have something called OCD….
    Dishes need to be washed the RIGHT way… Boiling hot water and lots of suds and then rinsed before put on a dish rack to dry.


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