We’re So Impersonal Sometimes

I found an interesting blog post yesterday by someone I follow – “Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss.” She mentioned her dad turning 99, which I congratulated him on, and mentioned that my great-grandmother turned 100 this month. Apparently, it’s customary, at least in England, to get a card or letter from the Queen on an important birthday such as that. She asked me if my grandmother had gotten one from our President.

I suppose she could have gotten a birthday card from him if it had occurred to me to write him and ask him to send her one. Here in America, it’s not typical to get special mail such as that from anyone in office. You’ll get birthday postcards from your dentist and your doctor, perhaps, but the only time you get any sort of birthday-related mail from anyone in the government is when you’re nearing retirement age and the Social Security Administration wants to make sure you’re aware of the huge list of documents you’ll need to apply for your retirement benefits.

We’re so impersonal in this country, yet at the same time, we allow our government to know more than they need to about us. It’s so moronically stupid, sometimes I want to bang my head against a wall.

Maybe we should focus on making our country more personal again. This is just my two cents, so take it for what it’s worth.


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