Omnivores Anonymous

I’ll eat nearly anything. There are very few things that I won’t eat, and most of them I’ve at least tried before deciding they’re disgusting and will never go in my mouth again. I like to pride myself on not being a picky eater. The list is slim on my no-go’s.

Lamb and sheep are one meat I can’t stand. I’ve tried so very hard to like it. I’ve made it a few times, and I just can’t get over the flavor of the meat. My husband has loved it every time I’ve made it, but I suppose it’s an acquired taste, and it’s one that no matter how hard and desperately I try to like it, I hate it. I tell him that it must be the American in me. Europeans don’t eat as much beef and pork as we Americans do, and they eat way more meats like sheep than we do. So, it’s only natural that he’d prefer lamb to beef.

One thing we’re on the same page about is red wines. Neither one of us like them. To me they are thick and bitter and just plain vile. I’m quite partial to a nice rosé, which is sweet and fruity, but reds are horrible! I had a bottle of Merlot once, and decided I’d never drink red wine again.

As far as my husband’s tastes go, he has only a couple of things he can’t stand.

Eggs. I have no idea why he hates eggs so much, but if you manage to sneak one into his food and it makes it into his mouth, he’ll gag and practically throw up over it. He can’t stand the way they smell while cooking, either.

My husband also hates liver. Any liver is a no-go for him. I keep threatening to make calf liver and onions and he says he will leave the house for the evening if I do. Liver turns him off so much. I love liver, and living with someone who can’t stand it means I haven’t eaten a good liver dinner in years!

Today, since my hubby’s poor tummy has been giving him fits, I’m making a delicious chicken soup. I boiled the chicken this morning and made the broth, so now I’ve pulled all the meat off the bones and added the veggies and egg noodles to the broth. When that’s finished cooking, I’ll add in a can of condensed cream of chicken soup (we like our soups thicker,) and we’ll have ranch rolls with it for dinner. I’m excited! There isn’t really a recipe for my chicken soup, as it’s something I just grew up learning to make from my mother. If I had one, I’d post it, but it’s too hard to figure out exactly how much of everything I put in.

Chicken Soup

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt.


3 thoughts on “Omnivores Anonymous

  1. No need to put the amounts–just tell us the ingredients. I want to compare! Mine are chicken, onions, garlic, celery, carrots, peas, salt, pepper, chicken stock, potatoes and pearl barley. Sometimes I add a bit of curry if the soup isn’t flavorful enough. It it needs thickening, I add some instant mashed potatoes–a good trick. Your turn. Judy


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