I’m Going to Rant Here for a Hot Second

Have you seen this or something similar to this floating around on Facebook?

Facebook Rant Picture

What makes you think you know what sort of skills those working fast food actually have? Have you perused every single one of their resumés? Are you just assuming that because they work fast food they have no marketable skills? Are you ignorant, or do you just refuse to read articles such as this one, which states that over 30% of fast food workers have some sort of college education? You’re being extremely close-minded and bigoted here. Are you just assuming they don’t have skills because of the color of their skin?

What about people working for minimum wage or near minimum wage who aren’t fast food workers? Some of them also have very marketable skills, but thanks to our recent recession, can’t find a good-paying job because there just aren’t any to be had in their industry. People in their early 50’s are finding it almost impossible to find employment even though they have a very marketable resumé simply because of their age. So, after not being able to find a decent job for a long time, they’ll thankfully accept a fast food job or other minimum wage job as any job is better than no job, and it will at least provide a roof over their head.

The only thing that stands between the majority of us Americans and a minimum wage job is one bad circumstance. This recent recession should have shown us that. So, why then, do we go fully rabid on those who have it worse off than we do. Show some goddamn compassion, for fuck’s sake! You could very well end up in their shoes.

And for the love of all things holy, turn off that shitty Fox News, you mindless sheep!

Okay. I’m done, for now.


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