Why I Cancelled my World of Warcraft Subscription

Most of my readers probably aren’t aware that I was, up until very recently, a hardcore World of Warcraft raider. I never, EVER missed a raid night, and I was obsessed with getting into heroic content and raiding end-game. But, I got burn out.

People who aren’t hardcore or who haven’t played end-game content in MMO’s might not be aware of the environment you sign up for when you choose to do this. As a woman, it’s even more difficult, because, not only do you deal with all of the normal raiding drama and bullshit, but you also have to deal with sexism and pricks who think you’re merely a set of tits behind a keyboard.

Here’s a great example of one of the main reasons I pulled my WoW subscription:

This isn’t my guild, and I wasn’t a participant in this encounter. But, it’s all too familiar. I have raided for a couple of years now, and stopped playing WoW a couple of months ago, after getting tired of  dealing with drama on an almost weekly basis in raids.

This also happened a lot! A LOT, a lot.

I’ve actually been promised loot that I needed desperately, and then had it given to a pug right over my head in a raid. I’m speaking of the BoA staff that drops off Garrosh in SoO, specifically. This pissed me off like no other.

My “last straw” was dealing with our dick raid leader who kept giving me shit and was making me dread raiding every week. I actually left a guild group I was in and consequently that guild to join this group and after a couple of months, it had gotten extremely ugly with him. No one in the group really liked him, and it was known by almost everyone that we wished we had a different raid leader. I finally just cancelled my account and told them that no amount of pleading would bring me back.

I’m considering re-activating my account this next month when Warlords of Draenor drops. I’m a member of a great guild, still, that I plan to raid with when the new content comes out, but I’m not sure I am ready to deal with the drama again.


One thought on “Why I Cancelled my World of Warcraft Subscription

  1. I can’t blame you. I’ve never played WoW, unless a 10-day trial counts, but I’ve played Perfect World, Shaiya and Neverwinter to endgame. A lot of MMO players are too fond of drama for my liking. They can never agree on ANYthing. I watched a guild I loved and which was number one on the server go to pieces because the GL passed lead to a total idiot, left, and formed another guild and then went on to take all the people he could convince to leave…
    I’ve been in PvP raids where the UL (usually the same guy btw) has kicked people because they have the audacity to need to go to the bathroom… I have a lot more stories about idiots and MMO’s. Just know I can really empathise!


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