I Don’t Need Truth Serum!

I have a way of getting people to speak their minds and tell me the truth. I don’t think I have much use for a vial of truth serum, because I’m a big girl, I can handle the ugliest of truths, and I make sure my friends are honest with me about me.  I’m of the opinion that truth serums are for people who do not trust those they surround themselves with, and frankly, if I didn’t feel my friends were honest, then they wouldn’t be my friends.

Let’s face it! We don’t live in a world of superheroes and super villains. Everyone around us is an average person, and, unless you work for the CIA or have some other sort of incredible job like that, you don’t really need a truth serum. You just need to be able to accept critiques and handle them with grace, so that your friends know they can be honest with you even if what they have to say isn’t the prettiest.

I think only weak people need truth serums, because then they feel they are in control of when they will be told the ugly truths they normally wouldn’t want to hear. If you think about it, the nice things aren’t things people hide from each other, so it’s not something amazing you’re looking for when you give someone a truth serum. Ugly truths may be difficult to hear, but if you actually listen to what the person speaking them is saying and want to make yourself a better person, you can take that ugly truth and shape yourself into a more beautiful you. It’s only through the experiences of having others react badly to ugly truths that we learn not to speak them and to hide them from that person, and that says more about the person the truths are about than the person speaking them.

Criticism Quote

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt.


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Need Truth Serum!

  1. This is great. And you are so right. Personally: I don’t want a truth serum. As you put it: You should think that the people you surround yourself with tell you the truth anyway. Or at least what they want you to know. And I believe you should have a little freedom to keep certain things to yourself. Very well said!


  2. Food for thought and nicely expressed; an honest post. There are a lot of people living ‘ugly truths’. Such a shame for them. Truth is liberating! Thanks for writing.


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