Songs I Remember From my Teen Years

Oh my god! This post will be a walk down memory lane for me, and perhaps a few readers, too. I just checked my Ello profile (you should go sign up for a beta invite!) I’ve got Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink-182 following me. Queue a major squee moment for me!

That made me think of all the music I used to listen to when I was younger. I have rather eclectic tastes. I like to say that I’ll listen to pretty much anything, except country music. I started out listening to teen pop and slowly migrated to punk rock, which still holds a very special place in my heart.

My favorite band is, and always will be, Green Day. I can’t remember a time (that I knew about Green Day) that I wasn’t completely smitten with Billie Joe Armstrong. I’ve always loved a good punk rocker with amazing eye liner! With that said, I think that my favorite Green Day song is “Brain Stew.”


I always really enjoyed Evanescence. Amy’s voice is hypnotic, and I was a huge fan of the way they’d blend classical elements of music with harder rock elements. If I had to choose a favorite song by Evanescence, it would probably be “My Immortal,” because the lyrics always resonated with me.


Linkin Park was also a favorite of mine. “Papercut” was always my favorite LP song. I like songs that have lyrics that I can personally relate to. This one I felt was my personal anthem as a teenager.


I was also drawn to softer rock.

I loved Matchbox Twenty. Rob Thomas was sexy as hell, I thought, and his voice is so melancholy but soothing at the same time.  I loved him in Matchbox Twenty and when he went solo. My favorite Matchbox Twenty song has got to be “If You’re Gone.”


I’m not crazy about most of Sting’s music, but his song “Desert Rose,” in particular, I’ve always loved. It’s a beautiful song, and I wasn’t aware until I married my husband, that the vocals at the beginning are in Arabic.


There was also the teen pop I loved so much! I couldn’t get enough of it growing up.

I loved Willa Ford’s “I Wanna Be Bad” so much as a teenager. I was crazy about that song, and sometimes I’ll listen to it just to reminisce a little.


Dream. What can I say? I loved them! Their song, “He Loves You Not” was epic, in my opinion. I still love that song, and crank it up sometimes, just to annoy my hubby and make him face palm.


Of course, I can’t forget about Britney Spears. I still love her, in all her crazy psychotic-ness. My favorite Britney song is “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.”


What were some favorite songs of yours from your childhood and teen years?


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