I Loathe Grocery Shopping

Despite loving to cook and bake, I hate going grocery shopping. I hate it about as much as I hate doing laundry and dishes. Just like I don’t mind wearing clothes and sometimes even changing a time or two during the day, or eating off my dishes and making them dirty, I don’t like washing my dishes, washing or folding laundry, and I really don’t like grocery shopping.

I can’t say exactly why I don’t like grocery shopping. I’ve been the primary grocery shopper for my family since I was 14. As a teenager, I planned the meals, bought the food (with my parents’ money,) cooked the food, and made sure everyone was fed. As an adult, that’s still my job, but I don’t take pleasure in the shopping part. I’ll put it off ’til the last minute if I can. I’ll figure out how to make something out of literally scraps in my cupboards, until they’re bare, before I go grocery shopping.

My husband sometimes has to gently hound me several times, reminding me that “We need to get something for dinner tonight,” to get me out of the house and to the grocery store. I really don’t like going, and I’ll even go so far as to feign sickness now and then to avoid it, if that’s possible. We’re fortunate that there’s an Alta-Dena down the street that my husband can walk to and grab chips to eat with sandwiches, and sometimes I’ll just ask him to go grab some instead of going to the store.

Growing up, we never had a lot of money, and I had to make sure our family of 5 (3 teenagers and 2 adults) were fed for $100 per week. Granted, $100 went a lot further in the early 2000’s than it does now, but that’s still not a lot of money to spread around. Add to that the fact that we girls took lunches to school everyday (which means sandwich supplies and snacks, like chips and possibly fruit or veggies, if they were on sale,) and it really starts to look meager. I became the queen of Hamburger Helper!

Now isn’t that much different. Hamburger Helper is no longer a staple in our house, though I will admit it was in the early years of my marriage, but I still have to try to get the most bang for my buck grocery-wise. Which is why it’s kind of counter-productive to buy food from the Alta-Dena down the street, but I digress. Sometimes, my anxiety wins out over my grocery budget! I try to feed my family well-balanced meals, and we’ve tried to cut down on salt intake, which also makes the chips from Alta-Dena counter-productive.

I think this is why I love Trader Joe’s so much. Their prices are quite similar to most of the grocery stores around here, and a lot of their food is healthier for you. Take, for instance, their ground turkey. I get it for $2.99/lb. at Trader Joe’s. That’s the sale price for ground turkey at area grocery stores like Ralph’s. I don’t even know what their normal price is, because I never pay it. I just always get my ground turkey at Trader Joe’s because I always know it will be $2.99/lb. Other staples, such as milk, are the same price at Trader Joe’s as at Ralph’s. Milk is $3.49 at Ralph’s and $3.50 at Trader Joe’s. It doesn’t matter to me where I buy it, it’s the same price.

So, what is a task that you have to do but don’t like doing?

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