Check it Out!

I’ve created a new, niche-specific blog for gaming, that I think some people might be interested in. If gaming isn’t your thing, feel free to gloss past this post, but if you love all things video game-related, you should check out my new blog. While I’ll be focusing the majority of my posts on World of Warcraft, I plan to have other gaming bloggers guest post occasionally on different games, so this isn’t a WoW-specific blog, but rather a gaming blog.

Have a look! You won’t be disappointed!


4 thoughts on “Check it Out!

  1. I’m not a gamer myself, but a quick question… Did you create a new blog on your account to produce this blog?
    I was trying to work out how to go about having a niche blog on certain topics.
    Your new blog looks great btw 🙂


    1. Yes. That’s all I did. I went to my dashboard, and on the side, under dashboard, there’s an option for “My Blogs.” If you click there, you can access any other blogs you have on WordPress, or create a new one, if you want.


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