Epidemics and Pandemics – I’m More Worried About the Flu!

Everyone in the U S of A has worked themselves into a tizzy over ebola. Those of us who haven’t are probably the only sane people left! People are crying and screaming that ebola is airborne and thinking that just breathing the same atmosphere as an infected person means they’re going to die!

I’m more worried about catching the flu. That nasty little critter visits us every winter, and every winter, without fail, people die because of it. It’s a misery machine. If you’ve ever had it, you know what I mean. If you’ve never caught the flu, you’re a very lucky person, and should probably play the lottery regularly.

I’m currently sick with some sort of stomach bug. It hit me last night as soon as we finished our dinner. At first, I thought my stomach was just giving me fits because I’d eaten a hamburger, and beef and I just don’t get along well, but I still feel like death warmed over this morning. I have a stomach ache and I’m still really tired. I spent the majority of yesterday taking a really long nap, and I think that’s on the agenda again today. Whatever I’ve got, while it isn’t super-unpleasant in the throwing up and projectile diarrhea department (I thank my lucky stars I don’t have that bug,) it does have me worn down, cranky, and achey.

I’m going to take the time to note that we, as Americans, should probably be more worried about diseases and illnesses we can catch, rather than going full-on scaremonger over a disease that there is a good likelihood most of us will never experience. That’s why I am more worried about catching the flu this year than I am ebola. I got my flu shot last year and still ended up with a nasty case of the flu, so I can say with most certainty that I know the vaccine does not entirely protect you from it. And, since it makes you very miserable and literally knocks you on your ass to the point you can barely crawl across your house to get to the toilet to go pee, I’d very much rather spend my time trying to avoid catching that than spending my time worrying about ebola.

So, how about we spend our time making sure we keep things clean around us to prevent the spread of the infectious diseases that will most likely visit us.


(Click the image above to visit the Don’t Wait, Vaccinate Facebook Page.)


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