I don’t normally shop at Walmart. I usually avoid it like the plague. Since moving to Southern California, I’ve had a heap of bad experiences at the local Walmarts, and couple those with the fact that Walmart is just about the shittiest corporation and employer on the planet, I choose to go elsewhere for my groceries.

Yesterday, since I was feeling so crappy, I took a long nap and got up to go grocery shopping around 12:30. I decided to go to Walmart, because I didn’t want to have to go to several different stores for all my groceries like I normally do. Plus, I needed things like Dawn dish soap and SOS pads, so I figured it would be easiest to just grab everything at Walmart, instead of running through three or so different stores.

I was minding my own business, navigating my cart down all of the aisles to grab the various items I needed, when who did I run into but my husband’s ex-wife. Ugh! Some days, it feels as if there’s no escaping the woman! She is everywhere! While it’s amusing to see her pathetic self walking 2-3 miles to work every morning, it isn’t so amusing to run into her in the supermarket, when you’re dressed in your frumpy sweat pants and a comfortable T-shirt because you feel like shit.

I know the look that says, “I’m trying really hard to act like I didn’t notice you!” when I see it. She had it written all over her face. Whereas I will look someone in the eye and waggle and eyebrow or possibly smile at them if I recognize them, she was trying her best to pretend she didn’t see me. I couldn’t help but laugh when she hauled ass down the main action alley of the grocery section toward checkout after running into me. I guess her past can’t seem to stop popping up and saying hi to her, but it’s also slightly annoying for me, as well. One of these times, when I run into her, I’m just going to walk up and give her a bear hug and act like she’s my long lost best friend. I know it would be truly horrifying on her part, but it would make me extremely satisfied to make her uncomfortable while being as sweet as rotten honey to her.

I texted my husband after the encounter. When I picked him up from work, the first words out of his mouth were, “So I hear you and my ex-wife got acquainted in Walmart today!” HAH!


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