My Uncle is a Badass!

I like to think I have the coolest uncle on the planet. I know, I know! I’ve got multiple uncles, but this particular uncle is really freakin’ awesome! He’s a daredevil and literally saves lives in his work, and I think that makes him pretty damn fantastic!

My uncle flies helicopters. He’s flown them to round up wild horses in Nevada, he’s flown them to rescue hikers off the side of mountains, and he’s currently flying them as a contractor for CalFire and the US Forest Service to fight wildfires here in California.

This particular uncle has always been the one that pulls outrageous stunts that to little kids look amazing and almost impossible. Once, at a family reunion at a lake, he skied with only one ski, and we all thought he was the coolest for that. He’s got a sort of hyper energy about him, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he has ADHD. But, I think he knows how to channel it and use it to his advantage, and he does things other people would be too scared to try.

My uncle received the Pilot of the Year award a few years back for a daring rescue of trapped hikers on the side of a mountain. It was an extremely dangerous mission, because of both the weather conditions and the location of the hikers on the mountain. But, he pulled it off, with the help of the other helicopter pilot, and managed to get all the hikers to safety. I’m very proud of him for this, because I don’t think I would have even had the guts to try that!

I’m most proud of my uncle right now because he is helping to fight wildfires in my state. I know it’s a very dangerous job for a pilot to do, because of the winds generated by these fires and the low levels they have to fly at, and I think he’s an amazing person for being willing to take on this task and keep the people of my state safe!

Do you have an amazing family member who does something extraordinary, or who you are very proud of?

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt.


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