Happy New Year!

I’ve neglected the blog horribly. For this, I am truly sorry. The end of the year was extremely busy and hectic for me. However, I’ve made my New Year’s resolution to post regularly on my blog again. I think it will help me when I get frazzled and stressed out, too, so it’s a double-win.

Christmas was amazing in our house. My mom flew out to see us, and my kiddo got everything he wanted and then some. My mom gave me an iPad Mini, since I’d been wanting a smaller one for quite some time, so I passed my iPad 2 down to my child, after doing a factory restore and filling it with games I knew he’d enjoy. She also brought her old iPhone 4 with her, so we set it up as a glorified iPod for him, to replace the old 3GS I’d passed down to him a few years ago. That’s sooooo much cheaper than buying him an iPod Touch. We also got him the coolest toy ever – a Wowwie RoboSapien X. He went nuts when he opened that. When I found it at the store, I knew he had to have it, because he loves robots. Besides those gifts, we had everyone give him board games since he’s really gotten into playing those with the respite girl who watches him. So, he definitely scored for Christmas.

I had asked my younger sister back in June for something similar to this with my husband’s and my initials.


I had completely forgotten about it after that, but she remembered, and I was so happy when I got it and remembered that I’d asked for it. She even got the colors right for the initials. I’d asked her to do the two side initials – my husband’s and my first name initials – in red and do the larger, last name initial and background/border in black. She got it all right. I practically cried when I got it, not because it’s a particularly amazing present, in and of itself, but because she remembered something I’d completely forgotten I’d asked for.

So, how was everyone’s Christmas? Did you get any particularly amazing gifts, like I did?


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