WTF Friday – 1/9/2015

I’m going to take this iteration of WTF Friday to discuss the Paris terror attacks some more. I’m not really feeling much in the way of humor today, so I’d like to reflect on what our fellow humans are feeling in Europe as these events continue.

First, I’d like to send my thoughts to the extremely large European Arab/Muslim community. I know these people committing these terrible crimes aren’t representative of the larger population. Though some will point the finger at Arabs and Muslims (there’s a difference, as not all Arabs are Muslim, so let’s clear that up right now!) I’d like to point out that I do not believe this. I know there are many scared Arabic people in Europe right now, and I’d even venture to say they’re just as terrified as the white Europeans, if not more so. Please, don’t let this tear you apart. You have just as much of a right to hold your head high as anyone else does. Even though people will claim Islam is based on a book of extreme violence, I’d like to remind everyone that so is Christianity. All religions have skeletons in their closets.

Next, I’d like to send my condolences to the wider European community, as they mourn the losses experienced over the past several days. This too, shall pass. I can only hope that happens sooner rather than later, because this has got to be the roughest situation to be caught up in the middle of. I can’t even imagine, and I’m not sure I want to.

So, what the fuck?! Why? Why do people seem to think that anything is worth killing over? How do we get to a point as a society or a culture, where the only answer is extreme violence against innocent people? Why can’t people learn to solve their problems without killing each other over it? I don’t understand this! I don’t know if I’ll ever understand this.

Stromae has a powerful song I feel is very fitting for this whole situation. I think everything boils down to respect.


2 thoughts on “WTF Friday – 1/9/2015

  1. Great post. I totally agree with you. I always remind people that the ‘God Hates Fags’ Westboro Baptist Church are not representative of all Christians. There are extremists on all sides. Sadly, people seem far too willing to judge the entire religion when it comes to Islamic extremists. As for the questions you asked… Don’t know any of the answers either.


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