Charlie Hebdo Is NOT Racist – You’re Being Ignorant

One thing that has struck me over the past week is how people here in the US keep claiming the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was and is inherently racist. This needs to stop. This is like saying about a woman who got raped, “She dressed provocatively, so she asked for it.” Just stop. You’re an idiot! You’re excusing the terrorists’ actions because you’re saying the magazine brought it on themselves. I’m also not the only person saying this.

Charlie Hebdo was an equal opportunity satire journal. If people would dig beyond the sensational images, they’d know this. I’m just about fed up with people like Jordan Weissmann, who wrote this article in Slate. You, sir, are a nitwit, and you obviously have left your entitled little American bubble very little. He argues about them “offending Islam,” but doesn’t for one solitary second stop to mention any of the other religions they’ve taken to task or the politicians they’ve skewered on their front page. Or, what about this article by Clarence Page in the Chicago Tribune? You, my dear Clarence, ARE remiss in your conviction of these cartoonists as racist.

Charlie Hebdo fulfilled an important job in French politics and satire in that they took serious topics and, while doing a good job at relaying how funny the situation was, also made important points, at the same time. No one was immune to the wrath of these cartoonists’ pens. Even the Pope earned a spot in their magazine.

So, I’d like my fellow Americans to stop being stuck-up, politically correct assholes. I’d like you to learn something more about the French culture before passing judgement on a solitary magazine. If all you know about the attacks and France/Paris in general is what you’ve read in the headlines over the past week, you just need to shut up. When you open your mouth and start labeling Charlie Hebdo, you talk out of your ass and look like a complete fool to those of us who actually have a clue. When you actually understand the culture, the political and religious dynamics, and the way people think there, you may start making your points. Until then, if you do not wish to show support for the French people as they grieve, you would be better off saying absolutely nothing.


3 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo Is NOT Racist – You’re Being Ignorant

  1. Even if the magazine or some cartoons in it were racist, that doesn’t justify gunning down 12 people, just like the woman in the short skirt doesn’t deserve to be raped. As you said, it was a satirical magazine that made fun of everyone and that is the price we pay if we want free speech and critical religious commentary. Someone is bound to be offended but that doesn’t give them the right to retaliate with a massacre.


  2. As far as telling Americans to shut up or calling us “stupid” do we need to remind you who the BOSS is? Like it or not we (the UNITED STATES) gave Europe (and EVERY other “little” people countries within we’ve fought) a SERIOUS BEATDOWN so if anything YOU need to STFU and listen to US! That said I think our response was appropriate and commendable. While we hold Freedom of Speech sacred we are a nation of changing demographics where, despite the best efforts of the republiKKKONS to oppress them, the minorities will soon be the majority in the MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! This basically means the racist rednecks, I mean republiKKKON party, are on the verge of POLITICAL EXTINCTION and they KNOW IT! What does this have to do with Chuckles Heckno or whatever his name is? NO self respecting minority or Democrat on the planet would EVER vote for someone that attended the LARGEST GATHERING OF RACISTS IN THE WORLD worshipping one of the worlds largest RACISTS cloaked under the guise of something else. So THANK YOU President Obama and the rest of the Democrats for not being stupid enough to fall for Paris’ CHEAP TRICK and for taking a stand against racism! And thank you Paris for using RACISM to TRAMPLE ALL OVER FREE SPEACH!!!


    1. Maybe I need to make this a little simpler for you, since you’ve obviously got such a simple mind! We NEVER gave all of Europe a beatdown. You should go back and learn your world history. Specifically, we never gave the French a beatdown. France has been our longest-standing ally, since the beginning of our nation. They have been there for us before and when no one else was.

      Since you believe so much that our responses to the Charlie Hebdo massacre was appropriate and justified, I almost feel you don’t even deserve a response. But, you came to my blog and took the time out of your clearly menial life to leave a long-winded defense, so I’ll take the time to reply.

      I love how you think we are the bastion of free speech in the world. I find it kind of ironic, considering our television is more censored than European TV is and considering there are words and topics that seem off-limits during cable news shows. I find it hilarious that you think we are somehow better than the French, and in the same breath list the exact reasons we’re way worse than they are. We actually aren’t the most powerful country in the world, but keep thinking that! I’m sure that will get you far!

      I’m not sure why you came to my blog frothing at the mouth the way you did, but I won’t tolerate any more of this. If you decide to respond in the future, please at least take the time to read through my other posts that I’ve taken the time to write in the past before you make a lot of far-fetched assumptions about my political affiliations and ethnic background.

      While you’re at it, please re-read the post you just commented on, so you’ll hopefully realize you’re the exact type of person I was calling out about this specific behavior. Now, sit down and shut the fuck up until you have a clue!


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