My Child!…

He can be the goofiest guy on the planet at times! This morning, we were all getting ready – getting dressed, doing our hair (or at least he and I were, since my husband rocks the shaved-bald look!,) and preparing to walk out the door. My son has this thing now; he likes to wear my husband’s cologne. So, I was in the bathroom pulling my hair up into a quick ponytail, and my child comes into the hallway and asks for some of daddy’s “smell-good.” That’s what he calls it. Not cologne. Smell-good.

I laugh every time he says that. I don’t know why! It’s cute, so he gets away with it. I’m usually quite a stickler on calling things by their proper names and pronouncing things correctly, since he has speech issues, but it’s so damn adorable to hear him call it “daddy’s smell-good.” I’ve told him a couple of times that it’s called cologne, but smell-good seems to have stuck!

I don’t know exactly why he wants to wear it. Does he just like the way he smells with it on? Is he trying to impress someone at school with it? At his age, I don’t think I had ever worn perfume. I know my dad used aftershave, because his favorite was Brut but, I can’t say I was wearing any yet. Hell! I thought I was fancy when my mom let me wear a lapel pin or brooch on my dress!


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