Tsk Tsk!

I’m such a bad blogger! Where do I even start? I’ve neglected this little page so much… I need to get better at remembering it, but I get so busy I just forget. If it weren’t for Mrs. Angloswiss writing about the daily prompt and it popping up in my Facebook feed, I still probably would have forgotten about it!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy! So busy sometimes in fact, that I can barely get everything done that has to be done, let alone remembering the little things I like to call hobbies. I should probably try to organize myself better. It would help with my busy-ness, I think. The problem with that is that in a way I’m a very organized person, but when it comes to tasks, errands, and chores, I get overwhelmed so easily and end up trying to do everything all at once.

My kiddo had his ninth birthday a few weeks ago. My mom came out to see us and celebrate his birthday. That made him so happy! He’s a busy little bee himself with school and everything, so having grandma here and getting to chill with her was definitely fun for him. He taught her how to use her little LG tablet. I found that pretty hilarious – a 9 year-old teaching an 50-something person how to use their own stuff! But, my mom has never been particularly tech-savvy, and kiddo has a knack for it, much like his mom and dad.

It appears that summer is finally on its way. We had a really weird spring, and it was hot in February and March, then cooled down in April and May. I am not going to complain about the cooling-down part, though. I enjoy having my windows open and not having to run air conditioning. I think that’s the part about summers that I dread. I really don’t like closing up our apartment, because it gets to feeling stale and stuffy in here after a while. I’m very much hoping that all the forecasters are correct about the El Niño that they say will probably happen this winter! We need it so badly!

I feel like I’ve made a huge accomplishment, because I convinced my dear hubby to get in contact with one of his aunts in Switzerland who he hasn’t spoken to in a very long time. This is basically a culmination of a lot of prodding on my part, many conversations where he ended up kind of upset from dredging up old memories, but I feel like it really needed to be done. You only have one family, right? And his is small enough and far away, as it is. It makes me feel like maybe I should try to get back in contact with my own sister, whom I’ve pretty much shunned when she did something that really crossed a major line for me. We’ll see about that later, though. The one thing that can be said about me and my family is that we are very stubborn and bull-headed, almost to a fault. In a way, stubbornness can be a good quality, but it can also get in your way!

Here’s to me getting back into blogging! I think I should find a blogging-buddy to keep me on my toes!


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