WTF Friday – 6/5/2015

A lot has gone on since my last WTF Friday, so I’m trying to cull my selection down a little bit, and keep it mostly current. I’ve got a lot of things to choose from, though, but I want to keep it to just a handful.

1) The fucking Duggars!
I believe I’ve mentioned that I grew up in an ultra-fundamentalist background, right? Most people have seen the Duggars. Pretty much all of their beliefs were how I was raised. One of my sisters was also molested by someone in our church. So, it comes as no surprise, to me at least, that Josh can’t keep his hands to himself! I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about men who seem to think women are their objects, to molest and degrade as they please. It comes with the territory! When you have a super-patriarchal mindset, one where women are seen as subservient and should be submissive at all times, it just breeds rapists, child molesters, and general creepsters!

I’m not going to post videos of the Duggars. I don’t like them and I won’t give them any sort of platform on my blog. They are everything they claim they aren’t, and I despise them. What floors me the most, though, is how they go around the country condemning LGBTQ+ people for wanting to be themselves, when those LGBTQ+ are hurting NO ONE, and then we find out that Josh has wandering hands that he can’t keep out of his own sisters’ skirts. I can’t be the only person who sees something majorly wrong here! And don’t get me started on Ma and Pa Duggar, who seem to think it’s more important to protect their criminal, child-molester son than it is to protect their daughters who he victimized. Don’t leave me alone in a room with those two pieces of shit! What the fuck is wrong with these people?!

2) Donald Trump

This waste of skin seems to think he deserves to be president because he owns a Gucci store worth more than Mitt Romney. I’m being totally serious! He’s just about the worst person on this planet, but hey! He owns a Gucci store, so that totally qualifies him to be “leader of the free world”, whatever that means, nowadays! I can’t stand Donald Trump. Every time I see his picture, I wish someone would super-glue his lips shut. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard. If he disappeared tomorrow, you wouldn’t catch me shedding a solitary tear for him. Seriously! WTF Donald?

3) This…

Citrus Crossing

There’s actually a news story to go with this picture, though. I just happened to find myself pretty much in the middle of it, last night. Dumbass flashed his handgun at police and then tried to run from them. Thankfully, this all pretty much happened at the shopping center across the street from where I was standing when I took this photo, or I’d have never been able to get in there! It was hard enough, as it was, because they had 2 streets closed down, and I ended up having to turn around and take a back street into the rear of the shopping center.

But, what the fuck possessed this guy?! You have to be a complete moron to think that brandishing your gun in front of a cop is a smart thing to do! Knowing how trigger-happy our cops are, you should drive like a sweet old lady every time you spot one.


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