I Can’t Live Without My Olive Oil!

Today’s Daily Prompt was an interesting one, and being a foodie and lover of all things cooking- and baking-related, I feel it’s aptly appropriate for my blog.

I must have olive oil in my kitchen. I use it in almost every single dish I make, and I’ve been known to even use it as a substitute for butter in cakes (honestly, I can’t taste a difference, and olive oil is very good for you, so why not?) I am not lying when I say I go through at least a full-sized bottle every month. I love olive oil! I even occasionally use it on my hair! It’s that good.

I don’t do vegetable oil or canola oil. We rarely ever eat deep-fried foods, so the few times I do make it, I just use olive oil for frying them, too. It’s my go-to, all-purpose oil. I use butter in almost every recipe that calls for it, but when I’m making a box of Rice-a-roni, like the Broccoli au Gratin flavor, I just substitute half the amount of butter for olive oil. It doesn’t actually need butter, olive oil is close at hand, and I don’t have to use as much. It’s a win all the way around.

I’m sure if you asked my husband what one ingredient is a necessary staple in our kitchen, he’d come back with an answer about some sort of pasta or bread. Maybe a cheese. That’s just him! While I tend to agree with him in a way, I still think my olive oil is more important.

By the way, have I done this prompt before? It seems strangely familiar now that I’m sitting here writing about it.

Another ingredient I use a lot in my cooking is cayenne. Well, actually two. I use a lot of cayenne and a lot of paprika. I especially love the smoked paprika I get from Trader Joe’s. It smells delicious and adds a beautiful spicy, smoky flavor to the dishes I add it to. I like sprinkling a little cayenne into pots of food I’m making to give them a hint of that hot, spicy bite. I try not to overpower them with it though, and cayenne is an easy spice to overpower your food with.

I’ve also fallen in love with cardamom. It’s delicious when you add a little into a bowl of hot oatmeal with some cinnamon and allspice. I just do a pinch of it in a bowl of oatmeal, because cardamom is another spice you need very little of. It’s so fragrant that I’ve been known to stand in front of my spice cupboard just sniffing the jar!


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