WTF Friday – 6/12/2015

Hey, hey, heeeeeeey! So, it’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another “WTF Friday”, and I have a few things that have been causing me to face-palm this week. Let’s get started!

1) This guy?
I’ve been digging a little on this guy ever since one of my friends shared this video on my Facebook feed. He also made the news in a hilarious way! I’m not sure if he’s a crossdresser for real or just out to get attention, or if he’s a drag queen, but his “style” is so over-the-top that I just want to bust a gut every time I see him! I hope this is just for shits and grins, because if he’s trying to look serious, then he really needs to find a girl to teach him how to do his eyebrows and false lashes and how not to get concealer or foundation all over them! I’d even offer my assistance, even though I’m not a pro. But, what the fuck dude?!

2) How people in other parts of the world view us Americans

So, apparently people stereotype us by our accent, the fact that we’re all chubby, we always eat at McDonalds, etc. Wow! Okay, then! WTF?

3) Lindsey Graham

Okay, first off I’d like to preface this with the obvious fact that it seems like Lindsey Graham is the only person in America who won’t admit he’s gay! He’s so deep in his closet that he’s in freakin’ Narnia! I wish for just one minute he’d own it. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, but I have absolutely zero respect for a person who refuses to openly acknowledge something this blatantly obvious. It’s kind of ridiculous!

So, this weirdo decided to answer questions about the fact that if he became president, we’d have no first lady, with the totally not-awkward response, “I’ve got a lot of friends. We’ll have a rotating first lady.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Wow, dude! My only response to that is a huge WHAT THE FUCK?! Wasn’t he one of the Senators trying to get Clinton’s head on a spike in the 90’s?

4) White Trash Beatdown in Walmart
Surely you’ve seen the videos of the two women in a brawl in a Walmart by now.

The mother of the child involved in this altercation was the lady in the black shirt and pants. She was interviewed by a local radio station, and said her kid was a great child and goes to a Christian school. Excuse me while I have a choking fit about how little “Christian” was actually on display here! Seriously, lady?! You’re going to say your kid is an angel? Look at the role model he has in you! What the fuck are you thinking?!


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