We went to an Anaheim Angels baseball game yesterday. We had a blast, even though I must admit that the game itself was boring as hell! I’m not a huge sports nut, and as such, I’ve never been to a sporting event of any sort outside of high school games I played in. This was a first for both myself and my son, so when we got the note in his backpack saying his school was given a bunch of tickets for Sunday’s game, I jumped on the opportunity. It wasn’t so much that I am a crazy baseball fan but more so that I wanted to go to at least one game, and if it’s free, why not?

We slathered the sunblock on both me and my kiddo, since we’re very fair-skinned. My husband doesn’t really need any, because he’s got this beautiful olive skin that just tans amazingly and never burns. He’s so lucky! We covered the child in sunblock well, but somehow we missed a few spots on me. Both of my hands are burnt on the backs, and my left hand especially. It hurts! My right hand just feels kind of tight on top, but bending my left hand at all hurts so badly! I have one little sliver on my upper chest that we missed, but it’s not even tender.

We caught up with a couple other families from my son’s school who were seated near us and my child was more interested in socializing with his friends than he was in watching the game. I can’t blame him, though. As far as I’m concerned, the game just sucked! Hardly any of the players managed to hit the ball, and most of the times the ball did get hit, it ended up going behind the batters into the stands. Nothing amazing happened at all. At one point, I was cheering anytime anyone hit a ball, because it seemed like no one was hitting anything, so any action was better than nothing at all!

I got some cool pictures. If you’ve never been to Angel’s Stadium, you should go, if for no other reason than the beautiful views!

Angel's Stadium

Angel's Stadium Inside




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