WTF Friday – 6/19/2015

It’s Friday again! Yay! I’ve been a busy bee this week, but I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’ve come across some truly astounding shit this week, and I’ve kept it for today.

1) Scotland’s National Animal
11401570_926183344110857_5143236092039137180_nHave you seen this picture on social media? Were you curious enough to go look up the answer? I did. I think it’s sufficient to say I was pretty floored by it. I’m not going to spoil it by giving it away here, but I think you’ll get a good laugh if you look it up yourself! I was giggling hysterically! WTF Scotland?

2) T-Rex Prank

I would have been shitting major bricks here! I bet there were plenty of people in those elevators saying, “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

3) Ray Comfort needs to STFU!
Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.37.15 AMI had a serious WTF moment over this! I mean, OH YEA! We totally hate the invisible sky daddy we don’t even believe exists! Just like we hate Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and all those other imaginary creatures! Actually, no. Of course, just a few hours later, I came across this excellent article about why Christians are so damn terrified of atheists. Hint: our existence forces them to think about death in uncomfortable ways. That what-if scenario is very unwelcome in their minds. WTF Ray?! Just STFU!

4) Texas has decided to start hoarding their own gold and minting their own coins
Just when I thought shit couldn’t get any weirder in my home state, they had to go and top everything with this ridiculous new law that establishes a gold bouillon depository in Texas that is exempt from all Federal oversight and laws. I read about this and just wanted to pound my head against my desk a thousand times! Just watch! I bet you they’re actually gearing up to try to secede. They’re just crazy enough there that I wouldn’t put it past them. Their insanity is unrivaled. WTF Texas? Quit being so fucking crazy! You’re embarrassing me!





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