Up the Ante!

Elena Kagan just got a whole lot cooler in my book. Most people don’t think of the Supremes as being particularly “cool” people, but after you read this, you’ll probably agree with me. Elena Kagan Fills Kimble v. Marvel Opinion with Spider-Man Easter Eggs.

As I read this, it struck me that she’s probably a super-hero nerd. I kind of like that idea! Too often, the Supreme Court Justices are set up on a pedestal to make them seem almost as if they’re not like the rest of us, but when you realize they like the same things a lot of us like, you realize you actually probably have more in common with them than you thought (except for the law degree and all that other technical shit!)

Now that I know she likes Spider-Man, I have to wonder what other sort of nerdy stuff she likes as well. Does she play video games? A lot of people who are into super-heroes are also gaming geeks. Does she do cosplay so she can get into conventions unnoticed? How many of the other Justices are nerds, too? Surely, she talked about this with them, probably over a cup of joe, and they probably all laughed and elbowed each other and high-fived over the awesome idea!


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