Go With the Flow

I have been pretty busy this past week, and I’m still trying to catch up on my rest from a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been so exhausted! I think because I went all out with celebrating my husband’s birthday and Father’s Day, my body has decided that it wants a vacation. I can’t remember the last time I’ve slept this much! It feels good, but I also know that when I’m sleeping, nothing is getting done! It’s a no-win situation.

I’m just going with the flow right now. I figure that I should probably listen to my body, and if it’s saying I need a break, then I shouldn’t push myself too far. I don’t want to end up doped up on pain relievers and laying in bed because I didn’t. That would be more shitty than just getting a little done here and there!

Fibromyalgia just sucks! It literally sucks. It sucks the energy out of your body when you most need it. I wouldn’t personally wish this on anyone. If you have it, you know what it’s like. I think that the best way to handle it is to pay attention to the signals your body and brain are sending and don’t try to override them. I’m not good at this, because when something needs to be done, I just want to do it and get it over with. I get very annoyed with myself when I can’t. Then, I start finding more stuff that needs to be done, and nit-picking at things I don’t feel I got done right. The next thing I know, I’m pushing myself to do all of it, and I find myself totally overwhelmed.

So, this week I’m going to just try to focus on feeling better. If I don’t post much, it’s probably because I’m taking a lot of naps.


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