About Me

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I started this blog to express me – my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions. Every word I write here is an extension of who I am. To read this blog is to gain a deeper understanding of me. I don’t write this blog to satisfy others. I write because I have experiences that I want to put into words.

In this blog you will find several different types of posts. Being a foodie, I post quite a few tantalizing recipes. I suggest you give them a try! They’re delicious. I write opinion posts when I want to talk about something I like or something I am irritated with. This is my therapy. You may find something in common with me while reading one of these. I also blog about life. Reading these posts will help you understand why I feel the way I do about certain topics. My “Uncategorized” list of posts are topics I don’t think really fit into any of the other boxes. These include responses to the Daily Prompts and other themes I discuss.

Have a look around! Pull up a chair, grab your coffee and slippers, get comfortable and have a look around! I’m sure there’s something here that you’ll find interesting.

If I had a song about my life, it would have to be “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson.


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