The Queen B is BAAAAACK!

I think my personal life has finally calmed down enough that I can focus on posting here regularly, again. I’ve thought about my blog often, but life has been super-freakin-hectic for the past few months.

The California Presidential Primaries are coming up in a little over a month, and I’m SO excited to finally get to vote for someone I truly believe in, rather than just picking someone based on them being the lesser of two evils. I’m checking my mail everyday, waiting for my mail-in ballot to come. I cannot wait to fill in the bubble for Bernie Sanders! I am stoked to get to vote for such a revolutionary figure! His platform is everything I’ve been wanting in a presidential candidate for years.

We got an Aldi store near us FINALLY! I am loving it. We found this amazing pastry tucked away on the bottom shelf in the bread aisle, near the ciabattas and baguettes. It’s like eating a chunk of heaven! If you have an Aldi near you, I recommend picking up one of these. 13086686_10153458919271135_7230289607223294228_o

The weather has been beautiful and mild here. I’m enjoying our cool spring. I love this time of year because my windows are wide open day and night and my apartment stays comfortable and cool. We’ve had enough rain that I think our summer will be much easier on our firefighters, or at least that is my hope.

Sunshine, Breezes and DMCA

The weather has been gorgeous this past week here! I’ve had our windows wide open and the air conditioner off. It’s been so nice! The nights have been cool, bordering on chilly, and the days have been just barely warm! I’m loving this weather! But, it’s supposed to start warming up again here today. They said we have a heat wave coming and by Sunday we should break 100° again. YUCK! I’m not looking forward to that! I love having my windows open and just enjoying the breeze and cool, comfortable temperatures.

My son goes back to school again in two weeks. I took him shoe shopping yesterday and then surprised him with lunch at Chipotle. We don’t eat out that often, and when we do, it’s usually a case of grab-it-and-bring-it-home rather than just sitting down and enjoying it. I like Chipotle because, besides the fact that their food tastes amazing, I don’t really have to worry about what’s in it. I mean, don’t get me wrong! I have my junk food moments, but I try to make sure we eat healthy and don’t consume a lot of super-awful foods. That’s probably why I cringe so hard when my kiddo asks for a Chicken McNuggets kid’s meal, because I know how god-awful the ingredients in that is! But, you’re only a kid once, and what would a childhood be without the occasional McNugget dipped in Ranch?!

I’m guessing that I’ll probably be able to get back to posting more regularly once my spawn hits the books again! It’s so hard to keep him busy while at the same time sitting down for a little quiet time to gather my thoughts and pound out a blog post. He keeps me on my toes, and more times than not I am left wondering where the hell he finds all that energy for his little body! I have also come to cherish my alone-ness when he’s in school and the husband is at work. It wasn’t always this way, because back when the recession first hit, my husband lost his job and didn’t have one for a few years. With myself at school full-time and him at home taking care of our child, pretty much the only alone time I had was on my drives to and from campus. So, being alone at home was pretty much foreign to me, and wasn’t necessarily an idea I relished. But, I’ve come to love it and appreciate the solitude.

We’ve been video-chatting with my husband’s aunt in Switzerland on an every-other-weekend basis lately. It’s kind of cool to watch my husband slowly become reacquainted with his lost mother tongue. He’s spoken English for so long now that he finds it very difficult to communicate in French. I do have to say, though, that as the time goes on during the conversations, you can notice a difference in how easy it is for him to respond and speak. He usually starts out the conversations very jerky and having to grasp for words, but toward the end he’s speaking more fluently. I, on the other hand, have such a limited vocabulary in that language that I’m still pretty much stuck asking him to translate what I want said.

I recorded a video on my iPhone on the drive home from taking my husband to work of me trying to get my son to sing along and dance along to the music playing on my iPod. My child was being somewhat comical and refusing to play along, but overall I thought it was a pretty amusing clip, so I uploaded it to YouTube as a private video to share with my husband’s aunt, since she doesn’t know myself or our child very well, and doesn’t have Facebook. It was a “home video” of us enjoying a drive while listening/singing along/dancing along to music. I had sent her a link to it after uploading it yesterday, and kind of left it at that. This morning, I got up and checked to see if she’d seen it, and she replied that she was unable to view the video. As it turns out, the video got flagged for DMCA violations and restricted on YouTube. I was pissed. It’s a freakin’ home movie and falls squarely under Fair Use doctrine. But, whatever. I can’t get it to work on YouTube now, and it’s pretty much spoiled the novelty of a cutesy little car video, so I removed it. The whole point in uploading it was to share it with only her anyway, and since that cannot be achieved, I just said FUCK IT! I yanked it down off YouTube. There’s no point in leaving it there if the one person who was supposed to be allowed to see it can’t. But, I’m still pretty upset about that. I learned way back in one of the first political science courses I took in college that the laws of this country are always written to protect and benefit corporations and never private citizens. Kudos! They’ve struck again!

So, fuck Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. You guys can go die in a bag of herpes infested rat dicks!


Today, I’m going to break from my normal WTF Friday. Today is a very important and special day. Today the Supreme Court ruled that ALL marriage is constitutional, and to deny the right to marry to the people of the LGBTQ community is illegal. This is a big deal to me, because I have friends who are gay, and this means they can no longer be denied this.


I’m not gay. I AM an ally. I support my friends who are affected by this. I am excited and elated for them. I want to break out the party streamers and whistles and throw a huge celebration for them! I am stoked that they are now considered my equal.

I got to personally break the news to one of my LGBTQ friends on Facebook this morning, and I could feel her excitement through her responses. I wanted to cry because I was so happy for her! Her wife is at work, and she called her to tell her the news, and she got on Facebook, too, to share in the celebration. I hope they know how much being able to share this experience with them, even through the internet, means to me.

It gives me so much pride to be able to say that I supported this and it finally happened. I want all of my friends who are LGBTQ to know that today is about them, and I feel like a proud mama standing on the sidelines cheering them on while they celebrate this huge accomplishment. It gives me more joy than I can even express!

Up the Ante!

Elena Kagan just got a whole lot cooler in my book. Most people don’t think of the Supremes as being particularly “cool” people, but after you read this, you’ll probably agree with me. Elena Kagan Fills Kimble v. Marvel Opinion with Spider-Man Easter Eggs.

As I read this, it struck me that she’s probably a super-hero nerd. I kind of like that idea! Too often, the Supreme Court Justices are set up on a pedestal to make them seem almost as if they’re not like the rest of us, but when you realize they like the same things a lot of us like, you realize you actually probably have more in common with them than you thought (except for the law degree and all that other technical shit!)

Now that I know she likes Spider-Man, I have to wonder what other sort of nerdy stuff she likes as well. Does she play video games? A lot of people who are into super-heroes are also gaming geeks. Does she do cosplay so she can get into conventions unnoticed? How many of the other Justices are nerds, too? Surely, she talked about this with them, probably over a cup of joe, and they probably all laughed and elbowed each other and high-fived over the awesome idea!

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope everyone’s Father’s Day was amazing! Ours went well. We had a very laid-back day, sitting around the house playing video games, watching TV and just chilling. I made the Italian chicken I was talking about yesterday, and as promised, I have a photo. It was delicious! I highly recommend this because it’s so fantastically easy and tastes amazing.

Italian Chicken

Tomorrow, it’s back to the grind. Our kiddo is in summer school, so he has to be up bright and early to catch the bus, and hubby dearest has work. Thankfully, I spent this weekend catching up on some of the housework that I flooded myself with this past week, so this next week shouldn’t be nearly as hard, especially considering I’m not gearing up for anymore birthdays or holidays now.

Well, except for the 4th of July, but that’s nothing! I always do something simple, kind of picnic-y, but we still have to figure out where we’re going to go to watch fireworks around here. It’s gotten harder to find good fireworks shows over the last few years, because with our extreme and intense drought, I think the cities are scared to shoot off big huge tubes of flaming gunpowder. You can’t blame them, though! It would be pretty messed up if someone’s neighborhood burned down because of 4th of July celebrations!

WTF Friday – 6/19/2015

It’s Friday again! Yay! I’ve been a busy bee this week, but I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’ve come across some truly astounding shit this week, and I’ve kept it for today.

1) Scotland’s National Animal
11401570_926183344110857_5143236092039137180_nHave you seen this picture on social media? Were you curious enough to go look up the answer? I did. I think it’s sufficient to say I was pretty floored by it. I’m not going to spoil it by giving it away here, but I think you’ll get a good laugh if you look it up yourself! I was giggling hysterically! WTF Scotland?

2) T-Rex Prank

I would have been shitting major bricks here! I bet there were plenty of people in those elevators saying, “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

3) Ray Comfort needs to STFU!
Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.37.15 AMI had a serious WTF moment over this! I mean, OH YEA! We totally hate the invisible sky daddy we don’t even believe exists! Just like we hate Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and all those other imaginary creatures! Actually, no. Of course, just a few hours later, I came across this excellent article about why Christians are so damn terrified of atheists. Hint: our existence forces them to think about death in uncomfortable ways. That what-if scenario is very unwelcome in their minds. WTF Ray?! Just STFU!

4) Texas has decided to start hoarding their own gold and minting their own coins
Just when I thought shit couldn’t get any weirder in my home state, they had to go and top everything with this ridiculous new law that establishes a gold bouillon depository in Texas that is exempt from all Federal oversight and laws. I read about this and just wanted to pound my head against my desk a thousand times! Just watch! I bet you they’re actually gearing up to try to secede. They’re just crazy enough there that I wouldn’t put it past them. Their insanity is unrivaled. WTF Texas? Quit being so fucking crazy! You’re embarrassing me!





We went to an Anaheim Angels baseball game yesterday. We had a blast, even though I must admit that the game itself was boring as hell! I’m not a huge sports nut, and as such, I’ve never been to a sporting event of any sort outside of high school games I played in. This was a first for both myself and my son, so when we got the note in his backpack saying his school was given a bunch of tickets for Sunday’s game, I jumped on the opportunity. It wasn’t so much that I am a crazy baseball fan but more so that I wanted to go to at least one game, and if it’s free, why not?

We slathered the sunblock on both me and my kiddo, since we’re very fair-skinned. My husband doesn’t really need any, because he’s got this beautiful olive skin that just tans amazingly and never burns. He’s so lucky! We covered the child in sunblock well, but somehow we missed a few spots on me. Both of my hands are burnt on the backs, and my left hand especially. It hurts! My right hand just feels kind of tight on top, but bending my left hand at all hurts so badly! I have one little sliver on my upper chest that we missed, but it’s not even tender.

We caught up with a couple other families from my son’s school who were seated near us and my child was more interested in socializing with his friends than he was in watching the game. I can’t blame him, though. As far as I’m concerned, the game just sucked! Hardly any of the players managed to hit the ball, and most of the times the ball did get hit, it ended up going behind the batters into the stands. Nothing amazing happened at all. At one point, I was cheering anytime anyone hit a ball, because it seemed like no one was hitting anything, so any action was better than nothing at all!

I got some cool pictures. If you’ve never been to Angel’s Stadium, you should go, if for no other reason than the beautiful views!

Angel's Stadium

Angel's Stadium Inside



WTF Friday – 1/16/2015

This week’s WTF moments are inspired by and because of recent current events. I’ve curated a few things I found more than slightly ironic, and I’d love to share them with all of you. So, let’s get started, shall we?

1) Le Petit Journal vs. Fox News

This past week, the French version of our John Stewart took Fox News to task over their lies about “no-go zones” inside Paris. He had contacted the American faux news channel regarding this dubious information, and they had the audacity to tell him he didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about. Yea, Americans told a Frenchman he didn’t have a clue about his own country! What. the. fuuuuuuuck?! Needless to say, I laughed my ass off at this. I found it extremely hilarious!

2) Why is it a big deal when people come out as homosexual?

I commend these young men. They were very brave to post this video, as it was very personal and looked extremely difficult. With that being said, I’d just like to know why we as a culture can’t get to a point where kids no longer feel they will be abandoned if they let people know they aren’t straight. I know this is a rhetorical question, but why do kids have such a fear they will be abandoned by their parents when they tell them about this part of them? I don’t understand why we are so anti-homosexuals as a nation, that kids are abandoned, abused, and mistreated because they don’t fit the heterosexual mold we think they should squeeze themselves into. To each their own, right?

3) White guy shoots black police chief three times and doesn’t get arrested.

Have you seen this gem from Oklahoma?! I just have no words to describe how flabbergasted I am regarding this.




We’re So Impersonal Sometimes

I found an interesting blog post yesterday by someone I follow – “Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss.” She mentioned her dad turning 99, which I congratulated him on, and mentioned that my great-grandmother turned 100 this month. Apparently, it’s customary, at least in England, to get a card or letter from the Queen on an important birthday such as that. She asked me if my grandmother had gotten one from our President.

I suppose she could have gotten a birthday card from him if it had occurred to me to write him and ask him to send her one. Here in America, it’s not typical to get special mail such as that from anyone in office. You’ll get birthday postcards from your dentist and your doctor, perhaps, but the only time you get any sort of birthday-related mail from anyone in the government is when you’re nearing retirement age and the Social Security Administration wants to make sure you’re aware of the huge list of documents you’ll need to apply for your retirement benefits.

We’re so impersonal in this country, yet at the same time, we allow our government to know more than they need to about us. It’s so moronically stupid, sometimes I want to bang my head against a wall.

Maybe we should focus on making our country more personal again. This is just my two cents, so take it for what it’s worth.