Well That Was More Intense Than We Planned!

My hubby and I went to the beach today. We left our kiddo with a sitter to have some us time today, planning on relaxing and enjoying the water a little bit.

Hubby got so beat up today, and I feel really badly for him. When we first got to the beach, we were just walking along the edge of the water, looking for interesting seashells. We managed to pick up quite a few interesting ones. I wanted to start a little seashell bowl to add as a decoration to my beach-themed bathroom. Anyway, at one point, we both spotted the same shell and tried to grab it and ended up knocking heads with each other. He was wearing his sunglasses on his head, and they dug into his forehead and scraped him really well when our heads met. It hurt!

Then, we decided to get into the water, which, by the way, wasn’t actually cold at all, for it being the first of October! We were having a pretty good time in the water. The waves weren’t high at all, and we were enjoying ourselves.  We did notice we kept getting pushed north, up the beach, so we got out of the water and walked further south before getting back in. At one point, a rather large wave broke right in front of us, so my hubby ducked way under to avoid getting hit full-on by a large wave. I ducked under right before the wave hit me, and my knee whacked my poor husband so hard right in the forehead that he now has a nice little knot there. He said he saw stars for a few moments, and I believe him, because my knee actually hurt!

Later on, we were out a little further where the water was mid-chest high when a couple large waves came in and I started to feel like I was being pulled away from the shore. My hubs and I had been sticking close together, holding onto each other, but I told him I was going back in to shore because that scared me. He acted like he wanted to stay, so I broke away from him and swam back in where the water was more shallow. All of the sudden, he started getting further away from me really fast and then said, “I can’t get back in. It keeps pulling me out!” I freaked. I was thinking that OH SHIT! The rip current got him. I could tell he was scared. Luckily, there were two paddle-boarders nearby, so I told them he needed help and that he was caught in a current and couldn’t get back in. They were awesome! They swam right out to him as fast as they could and got him on one of their boards. He was terrified.

So, I think it’s needless to say that he wanted to go home after that. He said he was done with the water, and I can’t blame him. It kind of sucks that he had such a crappy time at the beach. I wanted to have a nice, relaxed time. It turned out to be anything but that!

Things That Bring me Happiness

Everyone has a thing or things that bring a smile to their face, that can turn even the shittiest day better. For me, it’s a nice latte, sitting on the beach with the wind in my face, listening to my favorite music, watching Looney Tunes, sparkling pink moscato,  or adding to my Hello Kitty collection. I love all of these things, and if I’m in a slump or my day started out on the wrong foot, I know how to make it better.

Yes. I’m a Hello Kitty addict.

“Hi, everyone. I’m Anna, and I’m addicted to the Hello Kitty franchise.”

“Hi, Anna!”

I can’t say exactly when I first discovered Hello Kitty, but I know I was already an adult by that time. I dove in head first. Hello Kitty stuffies bring me a certain childish pleasure that I can’t really explain. I think I may be drawn to them because I didn’t have a particularly awesome childhood, and it’s my small way of going back and being a child again, now that I’m an adult. It’s innocent, and just hugging up to my huge TY stuffed Hello Kitty Beanie makes me feel all warm and secure.

When I’m just feeling really “BLAH!” I pull out our espresso machine and make myself a nice tall caramel latte. I haven’t mastered the art that is a macchiatto, but I can make the meanest latte you’ve ever had! My husband prefers a dark chocolate latte, but I’m a caramel girl. Lattes make me feel warm and secure inside. I don’t know what it is about them that does this. You’d think the high caffeine content would give me a serious case of the jitters, but for some reason it calms me. I was so proud of the lattes I created a few months ago, I took a picture of mine. I think it’s beautiful!


I’m also a wine snob. I dislike a lot of wines, and even within the flavors I do like, there are brands I refuse to drink. One particular wine I’m crazy about is sparkling pink moscato. But, not just any brand will do. There are brands, like Amusant, Korbel, and Andre that I think taste like crap. I do like Beringer and Zibibbo, which is a little-known Aussie brand that I can only seem to find around Thanksgiving at Trader Joe’s. Zibibbo gives me a grin. If you pop open a bottle of that around me, I’ll be your best friend.


I’m a huge music aficionado. I like to think I have eclectic tastes, but one genre I refuse to listen to is country. I hate country. If you want to ruin my day, force me to listen to country. If you want to make my day, put on just about anything else. Well, anything but Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin is about as bad as country. But seriously! I’m crazy about music. I’ve already shown you what I’ve got going on my iPod in the car right now, but what about a small taste of what else I like? My favorite band is Green Day. This song, Jesus of Suburbia is probably my favorite song by them.

My favorite place to go to get away from everything is the beach. It’s a long drive, but it’s worth it to just sit in the sand, watching the waves and feeling the wind blowing in my face. When we moved here, my husband showed me a sweet spot in Orange County that’s never too crowded, and I like going there if I have a chance. It doesn’t even matter if I can’t get in the water. Just being able to sit down and feel like I’m just a speck on the sand feels cleansing.

Watching Looney Tunes is a small guilty pleasure I like to indulge in from time to time, and my son is more than happy to oblige me. I think I’m developing another Looney Toons addict in him. Looney Toons makes me feel like I can just forget about everything and watch the coyote fail at trying to catch the Roadrunner time and time again. It always puts a smile on my face. When I get sick, all I want to do is lay out on my couch and flip on Looney Toons. For some reason, old cartoons are comforting.

What makes you smile? Are there any guilty pleasures you indulge in to bring happiness?