Fuck the Democratic Party!

I’ve had about all I can take of corrupt party politics drowning out the voice of millions of people in favor of corporate greed and warhawks. I’m done toeing the line and bowing my head to a party that doesn’t give one flying red fuck about me or anyone like me, and merely pays us lip service while sucking billionaire cock for campaign contributions. I’m over the Democratic Party. They can go to hell!

I haven’t decided exactly when I will do it, but I plan to change my party affiliation to No Party Preference. I keep seeing people on Facebook saying to stay until the DNC in Philadelphia in July, but I fail to see how my name on their membership roles will make more of a difference than my name being missing after so many years of it being taken for granted. So, I’m still going back and forth over whether to wait or whether to do it now.

You can probably already guess that I do not plan to vote for Her Royal Bitchiness in November. Call me sexist all you want, but I call it as I see it and she’s a lying, cheating, conniving bitch. I haven’t spent the past year preaching the virtues of being true to oneself to my ten-year old son only to bow my head and compromise my convictions just to vote for a woman I believe embodies everything that is wrong with America and the Democratic Party. What would that tell my child, if I were verbally telling him to do one thing and then my actions spoke the opposite? I want him to know that even when the consequences for doing the right thing are painful, you stick to your guns and do it anyway. Only chickenshit cowards cave to peer pressure to compromise their moral integrity for someone who does not deserve it. One thing you can’t call me is a coward.

I am more than slightly pissed at our President. Of course, that’s nothing new. I’ve been upset at him a lot, lately. This man who preached a lot of the same things Bernie did on the campaign trail was willing to put elderly people’s Social Security up to be cut all  to appease the Republicans. This man who preached “radical” leftist ideas in 2008 nominated a conservative Supreme Court justice in an effort to assuage the Far Right. Now, this same man has compromised his integrity once again to place his support behind the most corrupt presidential candidate in American history. I have absolutely zero respect for him, anymore. I only have one thing to say to him: “Fuck you, Mr. President.” Actually, I’d probably have to revise that: “Respectfully, Mr. President, FUCK YOU!”


I took an unannounced hiatus for a couple of weeks. I spent some time volunteering for my main man, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the time I spent royally fucking myself up. I finally dragged my ass to the doctor today over it, and came home with a laundry list of things I can’t do for X weeks. I also have a pretty little ace bandage wrapped around my rag-doll right ankle.

It comes as no surprise to me, but my doctor kindly informed me today that my ankle is loose and floppy. I already knew that, but she didn’t seem to like that too much. She wants me braced for gawd-knows-how-long, but I’ll compromise and brace it until my inversion sprain heals. I’m actually fairly used to my loose joints. As a kid, I went through a period where every step I took my legs would pop. Somehow, I managed to get this sprain while walking to my bedroom to go to bed one night. I guess I put my foot down wrong as I was walking and it rolled slightly, and I felt a small pop inside. It did occur to me that I probably had sprained my ankle just then, but since it wasn’t painful and bothering me at the time, I kind of filed that into the back of my brain in the folder labeled, “Shit I might want to remember later, so I had better not forget.” The next morning it started to bother me, though, and ever since then, anytime I do a lot of walking or standing on my feet for a good length of time, it really starts to hurt.

I also managed to get bursitis in my knee while cleaning out my fridge a few days ago. Don’t ask me how that happened, but I guess it has something to do with kneeling for long periods and/or crawling on my knees. So, I have orders not to get down on my knees for three weeks to give my bursa time to heal. I honestly don’t know how that happened, but I can say that compared to most people, I have always been very uncomfortable kneeling. My doctor also mentioned that my kneecap isn’t located in the right spot on my knee, which leaves my bursa slightly more exposed, so that could explain my extreme discomfort during kneeling activities. Either way, I won’t be getting down on the floor for a few weeks.

A few weeks ago, my hubby and I went to a Bernie Sanders rally in Irvine. It was amazing! We met some really cool people and we got to hear the most honest man in American politics speak to us. We arrived at 11 so we could get a spot in line close to the front, and we ended up waiting until almost 3 in that line to get into the arena. The wait was worth it, though.


This crazy guy was there for the longest time, but eventually packed up and left. I guess he was some sort of street preacher, there to warn us of our sins or some bullshit like that, but the most he got out of anyone was a laugh or whispers about how insane he is. For a while, he was walking up and down our line, but the security eventually put him behind these plastic barriers. I guess even they were sick of him harassing people.


I know the picture quality isn’t the best, but even though we were seated close to the front, I still had to zoom in, in order to get a good picture of Bernie while he was speaking to us. If you had the opportunity to go to one of his rallies but you didn’t, you really missed out on a huge experience. Besides hearing Bernie speak, you get to meet so many other, different people who think just like you do, you get to hear other inspiring speakers, like Nina Turner or Cenk Uygur, and you leave with priceless memories that can never be topped by any other experience. Even though I felt like I was about to die by the end of the rally because I was in so much pain, I don’t regret going for a split second.

The Queen B is BAAAAACK!

I think my personal life has finally calmed down enough that I can focus on posting here regularly, again. I’ve thought about my blog often, but life has been super-freakin-hectic for the past few months.

The California Presidential Primaries are coming up in a little over a month, and I’m SO excited to finally get to vote for someone I truly believe in, rather than just picking someone based on them being the lesser of two evils. I’m checking my mail everyday, waiting for my mail-in ballot to come. I cannot wait to fill in the bubble for Bernie Sanders! I am stoked to get to vote for such a revolutionary figure! His platform is everything I’ve been wanting in a presidential candidate for years.

We got an Aldi store near us FINALLY! I am loving it. We found this amazing pastry tucked away on the bottom shelf in the bread aisle, near the ciabattas and baguettes. It’s like eating a chunk of heaven! If you have an Aldi near you, I recommend picking up one of these. 13086686_10153458919271135_7230289607223294228_o

The weather has been beautiful and mild here. I’m enjoying our cool spring. I love this time of year because my windows are wide open day and night and my apartment stays comfortable and cool. We’ve had enough rain that I think our summer will be much easier on our firefighters, or at least that is my hope.