WTF Friday – 10/24/14

By popular demand, here is my first iteration of a new regular feature called WTF Friday.

Last night, we (my husband and I) were helping our son with his homework. We got to the math page, and it had a symbol like this: FunnyMathSymbol

It said to find this and then find the sum (now I drew this symbol from memory, so it may not be exactly correct.) I looked at it and said, “What the fuck is this shit?!” After looking over his math paper, and finding nothing that explained the symbol, and after asking my child what it meant and not getting anything beyond, “I don’t know…” I wrote a little note to the teacher.

“Dear Teacher:
If you want us to be able to help our child with his math homework, could you please AT LEAST explain what these ridiculous symbols mean? They aren’t even a part of College Algebra! Thanks!”

Later on, my husband was helping our child with some other math problems, and he was trying to remember something he calls la preuve par neuf, or proof by nines. I’ve never heard of this, but apparently, it’s a handy-dandy little way his dad taught him to come to an answer for certain multiplication problems. He showed me this video:

That’s my first WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUCK?! I should also note, here, that I suck at math.

Anyway, I started looking it up, and the closest thing I could find is this video from Khan Academy:

I’m still scratching my head…

The other what the fuck I had was that while my husband was watching that first video, he made the remark, “That guy’s from Paris.” Huh? So I asked him how he knows. He said his voice sounds funny, and apparently, to the Swiss, Parisians have funny-sounding voices. It’s not so much an accent. The only Francophones with notable accents are Québécois French, according to my husband. Also, it should be noted that no European Francophone likes the Canadian French!

So, I posted on my Facebook, asking all of his Swiss friends if they could help explain it, because it seems to be something that is taught in Europe. I’ve never heard of it, and I never learned it here in the States. They were just as clueless as I am!


Last night, after the kiddo had gone to bed, I was piddling around on Facebook, and a notification popped up that someone had applied to the “closed” Facebook group I’m an admin of. I clicked over to check them out, because we vet everyone who enters to keep the trolls and spammers at bay, and the woman’s name was, I kid you not, Jane Dough!

AHAHAHAH! That’s a funny one there, but we don’t knead you! WTF?! Not only that, but she was dressed very oddly in her profile photo, almost like it was staged and satirical. I couldn’t help but make the o.O eyes at my screen when I saw it.

Have you seen this story? A woman got stabbed to death at a swap meet here in Southern California over a parking spot. A parking spot?! Seriously? First off, I wouldn’t ever get out of my vehicle for anyone, I don’t care who they think they are, and secondly, a parking spot is such a stupid thing to get killed or kill someone over! WTF?

However, that does bring up a hilarious video I saw a couple of weeks ago. This lady in China knows how to do it right!


What’s In My Playlist?

I’ve become obsessed with French songs, lately. I’ve filled my iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. with French pop songs. I’ll take you on a YouTube tour of what I’ve been listening to lately.

Indila is my favorite female singer right now. Her voice sounds angelic.

Maître Gims is another really great artist. I’ve got a funny story about this video. I was watching it and asked my husband, jokingly, if he recognized the mountains in it. He started by pointing out the Jungfrau and then the Munch. I was stunned, because I honestly expected a reply somewhere along the lines of, “Those are the Alps.”

I really, really love Keen’V, at the moment. This particular song is actually very sad, and the lyrics will make you tear up and cry!

Last, but by no means least, is Stromae. Everyone, including my son, loves Stromae! He’s a musical genius! My son’s favorite song is Formidable. Stromae uses this song to point out that there is good and bad in everyone. Plus, this video is kind of awesome!

Learning French as an American Isn’t Easy!

I shall begin by stating that the French ‘R’ is the most daunting letter one will ever learn to pronounce in any language. I’ve watched countless videos on YouTube regarding this, and let me say that, by far, Alexa’s video (below) has been the most helpful. 

I’m a fortunate chick! My husband is a native Francophone. This can be a double-edged sword at times. The other day, I’d worked so hard on the phrase, “Comment était le travail aujourd’hui?” (“How was work today?”) When I picked him up from work that afternoon, I spit it out the best I could muster, and instead of replying with something like, “Bien, merci!” my dear sweet perfectionist husband corrected my pronunciation of “travail”. I wanted to burst into tears! Generally, though, I have quite the advantage over most people learning a second language. I don’t need to attend any sort of class (thank you, YouTube!) because I have my own personal teacher and coach.

My goal is to eventually be able to converse in French fluently. I have always wanted to speak French, and being married to someone with French as their native language makes it even more tantalizing. Also, being able to converse with the few friends I have who speak French only is another dream. I’d like to one day be able to sit down and type out messages to them without having to consult Google Translate. I’d also like to understand what they’re saying to me without having to run it through that page first.

My current go-to resource for properly learning French is a YouTube channel called “Imagier”. The creator of this channel is a man named Vincent, and he also has a website, . This has been invaluable to me.