Today, I’m going to break from my normal WTF Friday. Today is a very important and special day. Today the Supreme Court ruled that ALL marriage is constitutional, and to deny the right to marry to the people of the LGBTQ community is illegal. This is a big deal to me, because I have friends who are gay, and this means they can no longer be denied this.


I’m not gay. I AM an ally. I support my friends who are affected by this. I am excited and elated for them. I want to break out the party streamers and whistles and throw a huge celebration for them! I am stoked that they are now considered my equal.

I got to personally break the news to one of my LGBTQ friends on Facebook this morning, and I could feel her excitement through her responses. I wanted to cry because I was so happy for her! Her wife is at work, and she called her to tell her the news, and she got on Facebook, too, to share in the celebration. I hope they know how much being able to share this experience with them, even through the internet, means to me.

It gives me so much pride to be able to say that I supported this and it finally happened. I want all of my friends who are LGBTQ to know that today is about them, and I feel like a proud mama standing on the sidelines cheering them on while they celebrate this huge accomplishment. It gives me more joy than I can even express!


Blog Action Day: Why I Fight Inequality

Inequality is the ugliest of human traits and creations. From the beginning of the human race, we’ve treated each other differently based on many different factors. Today, inequality takes many forms, and they are just as nasty as they’ve always been. Women are treated as lesser because they seem to not possess the strength or fortitude of men; different races are mistreated and even killed based on the color of their skin; followers of non-Christian religions are shunned and even targeted because we don’t understand their beliefs; people who do not have the means to live above poverty are targets of the most vile insults; those who love people of their own gender still get targeted and killed for these feelings. None of this makes a person better than those who are treated unequal.

I hope that one day humanity can rise above inequality and learn to coexist with each other peacefully and without prejudice. I want a world where everyone is truly treated as equals, and there are no caste or class systems that exist to subject certain individuals to extra hardship based on a set of arbitrary rules laid out by those who believe themselves to be better than all the rest. Until we can eradicate inequality and prejudice from our minds and from our way of thinking, we will never truly evolve to be more than animals. At this point, we’re no better than a flock of chickens. When they sense that one of their own is somehow injured or unable to stand up for itself, they will gang up on that lesser chicken and kill it. This is the same thing we do to each other every single day.

As I noted, inequality comes in so many forms. It’s not limited to racism or sexism, though these are the two most well-known forms. To be poor means you are the target of prejudice every day. You get judged based on every action you take and every possession you have. To be poor and a minority means you receive extra scrutiny. Women still do not experience true equality in this world. We get held to a different standard than our male counterparts while being expected to accept less as payment for our work and services. We are expected to perform jobs men would not perform, and are judged when we asked to do a job that is seen as a stereotypical male role. Gays, lesbians, and transgender people are bullied and killed every day for daring to show their true form instead of conforming to our heterosexual-centric world. We’re just now starting to see them be able to have proper weddings and get legally married in more than just a couple states in the US.

I’ve spoken at length in several blog posts about racism. It is the puss of America’s and the world’s festering wound. Until we clean this infection from us and heal the hurt and damage it has caused, we will not see the end of it. We must ALL work towards promoting equality for everyone. To be silent about this injustice means you are complicit and consent to it occurring. I’m not just talking about white-on-minority racism, either. Minorities take part in this sick circus just as much as those of us with fair complexions do. I’m glad we’ve gotten to a time where words like ni**er are considered curse words and taboo, though I wish that along with this word being off-limits, we’d also condemn those who use the terms “beaner,” “wetback,” “chink,” “white trash,” “cracker,” “raghead,” etc. NONE of these should be considered acceptable, and those who use them should be roundly called out until they change their ways.

Every person has the same potential as anyone else does. To assign them a label that automatically puts them at a disadvantage is to hamper our progress as a whole. Just because a person is gay does not mean they do not have the ability to become the next great quantum physicist, much the same as just because someone is Hindu does not mean they do not show promise to be an excellent banker or veterinarian. When you assign people boxes, you limit what they can do as an individual, and this should not be the case.

So, stand up to inequality the next time you see it. Don’t just turn your eyes away and pretend nothing is going on. To do so means you’ve just acknowledged this poor behavior and agree with it. The only way we will change this and stop inequality is to all rise up against it and demand that it end.

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt. Please join me in participating in Blog Action Day, when bloggers from all over the world stand up against inequality.