Just One of Those Weeks

I apologize for my absence. I’m back… Last week was extremely busy for me, and extremely exhausting. I barely had time to deal with life, let alone this little blog, but I’m sorry I didn’t at least post something small for you guys!

I’ve got the results from the poll I posted two Fridays ago. As it turns out, the majority of you want me to post a “WTF Friday,” so I’ll start that this week. I’m excited about doing that, and I think it will be a fun way to end the week. Thank all of you for voting.

This week should be a lot less hectic for me, and I plan to get back to posting daily, like I’ve been doing. I had so much going on last week, between multiple doctor’s appointments for my child, lengthy errands that needed to be run, and other domestic crap, that I’m still trying to catch up on all of my normal stuff, and that includes sleep! I actually spent the majority of yesterday napping because I was so tired!

My child, who has aggression issues, also decided that last week he’d start acting out again, which necessitated the need for one of the doctor’s appointments, because I’ve decided I’m not going back to being his whipping post again. We were going to therapy for him, but honestly, I don’t really think it was for him, and I don’t think they ever planned it that way in the first place. Long story short, it was basically one-on-one parenting classes for us, and while that’s all good and well, when a child is experiencing issues like he is, there’s only so much that “good parenting” can do for the child before you need a therapist to sit down with the child, himself, and try to get to the root of the problem. So, along with a doctor’s appointment, I had to work on trying to get a referral to a new place for therapy that would deal with him instead of us. There toward the end, we were starting to feel like we were being blamed for his issues, and to be honest, I don’t think blame has any business in this equation. It’s also extremely exhausting to feel like you’re the reason your child lashes out at you! So, I took him to the doctor to get his medication increased and worked on therapy, along with all of the other things I needed to do last week.

Autumn has finally arrived here in Southern California! I’m so happy about this! We haven’t had to run the air conditioner for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve actually been able to do some baking again. Saturday, I made an amazing banana nut bread that was gone by Sunday morning. I’ll be making another batch, as I still have bananas and buttermilk to use before they go bad. I’m not really a fan of banana bread, but my two men are, and since I love watching people enjoy my cooking and baking, I don’t mind making it!

I hope this past week has gone well for all of you!


I Need Your Feedback!

I want to start a new regular feature on this blog, but I’m a little at a loss as to what I want it to be. I have been wracking my brain to come up with ideas, and I have a few, so I want to know what my readers want to see. Please participate in this poll, and give me an idea of what you’d like to see me feature as a weekly topic.

Like the poll says, if you have an idea not already listed, please leave a comment detailing what you’d like to see as a weekly feature. This poll will run for one week, you can choose multiple answers, and is open to one vote per person. I’m really excited to get your feedback! Thanks for helping me make this a blog you want to read!