So, you may have noticed I completely changed up the look of my blog yet again. What? You didn’t notice? You can’t be serious! Anyway, I’m trying to personalize it and make it uniquely me, which is hard, since I’m such a perfectionist, and nothing seems to look right.

So bear with me. Taking this Blogging 101 course through WordPress has taught me that there is actually a lot I can do to make this mine in my own way, and now I’m struggling to figure out how to put my personal touch on it. My goal is to keep it clean and functional, yet make it look like I would want it to look. I’m finding this is more of a challenge than I imagined when I started out.

I’m always open to ideas, so if you’ve dropped by and happened to read this, and you’ve got a fabulous idea that it’s obvious I haven’t thought of, please let me know in a comment. Also, if you’ve got any cool links you think would be worth me checking out regarding customizing this little blog, please let me know. 🙂

No, You’re Not Imagining Things!

Today’s task for Blogging101 was to try out at least 3 new themes to make sure you like the theme you are currently using on your blog. I honestly thought I really liked my last theme. I actually loved it. But, I followed the assignment because I know I’ve got some learning to do. So, I headed over to the themes area to browse through the themes. I kept thinking, “No, that doesn’t look right” after previewing about 5 of them, and then I came to this current theme. I don’t know how I missed it when I set my blog up originally.

This is a pretty awesome theme, I think. I love it more than I loved my last theme. I had to have it. I knew this one is way better suited to me than my last.

So, do you like it better? I was originally using Fiore, but now I’ve got Lovebirds. If you like it, but feel there’s something missing on my blog, let me know what it is. I’ve tried to make sure I’ve got all the major widgets on here, but there’s always the possibility I’ve missed something important.